• Das KSO

    Das Collegium Musicum ist der (bis jetzt) nicht-schlagende Student:innenmusikverein der FU und TU. Dazu gehört das KSO, eines der top 5 beliebtesten Ensembles des CM. KSO steht für Kleines Symphonisches Orchester (oder auf Berlinerisch: Krasses Symwonijes Orjester) ist aber gar nicht so klein (aber doch krass) mit fast 70 Leuten.

  • Why playing with orchestra and choir is better than sex.

    “What do you think of playing concert with orchestra and choir?”
    “It’s better than sex”, I said.
    “We have to talk”, my conductor said.

  • Two households, both alike in dignity

    Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Amsterdam, where we lay our scene.

  • Keep doing it

    A long time ago I was a member of the choir of the Delft students music company Krashna Musika. One time a friend asked me if I wanted to sing at the chamber music evening, and I did. I sang Die Krähe from Schubert’s Winterreise. And I got a very very bad review. I was devastated and I decided not to sing solo anymore. But I kept singing in the choir and taking singing lessons.

  • Haikus

    (With some use of Google translate)

  • The 2nd violin girl as a Jungian archetype and their influence on secular contemporary western society

    For a long time, some delusional individuals (and certainly not only 1st violinists), have considered 2nd violin girls immature beings, as in, if you give them enough sun, water, fertilizer and attention, they may ripen to become 1st violinists or violists. This fallacy should move anyone who possesses a shred of intellect into a wary head shaking. After all, it is quite clear that the 2nd violin girl should be considered as a Jungian archetype, a fundamental part of our collective subconscious and even a spiritual guide, a philosophy of life for how we should shape our lives. At least, during the pre-genital phase. The fact that we are talking about 2nd violins girls, is obviously rather hetero-normative cis-gender stereotyping and therefore very anachronistic. Being a 2nd violin girl is a state of mind and no longer necessarily linked to gender or even instrument. Even a (for example) cishet male trombonist could be a 2nd violin girl in spirit. And many, possibly even all of them, secretly are.

  • Advice for the heart broken

    Sans toi, les émotions d’aujourd’hui ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d’autrefois. – Hippolito

  • Onanie

    Onanie, wat doe je nu
    dat stond niet op het menu
    ook al heb je in eten niet zo’n trek
    een sjiek restaurant is niet de plek
    om jezelf zo aan te raken
    oma moet er zelfs van braken.

  • Fellatio, a primer

    A few first violin girls from my Amsterdam orchestra once inquired me on the proper way to do a blow job. As someone who appreciates this fine art, I did some calculations, did some fieldwork and went through my lab notes and this manual is the result. The following observations are of course very subjective, are from my own experiences and preferences and might not be entirely compatible with your applications. Apologies if this manual seems hetero normative and cis male centric, although some principles are possibly universal for all genders and probably also apply to cunnilingus and to other sexual and counter-sexual topologies.

  • Kamu

    Kamu bagus sekali
    Karena kamu saya selalu lali
    Taruk kursi sebelum duduk
    Dan buka pintu sebelum masuk